How do you gain more traffic with SEO? What can you do that makes your website more trustable? At the end of the day, what gets you revenue? Profits? Is social media ranking worth it? What does your customer look for in a brand/idol?

Let’s face it! We’ve all faced these questions as an entrepreneur. It’s that crucial moment when you gotta take some drastic steps. The concept of your product might be brilliant what do you do when the customer is still unaware. There comes marketing.

Marketing your product to the right set of audience is known to drive even the most hardened of the entrepreneurs up the wall. The most challenging part is when you’re making attempts to know your audience, taking appropriate platforms to speak about your product, cracking your head in deciding marketing strategies, the dilemma in choosing among social influencers, etc. 

It’s time when you try your luck with Influencer Marketing in 2020 – that doubles up your ROI and of course PROFITS!

Do You think you can survive without SEO?

“Your Influencer marketing is dead without SEO”       

When you have influencers they are mostly content creators. Content is created in various forms nowadays; videos, blogs, articles, testimonials. That is when your content should be highly “SEOed”. It is for them to put your content into theirs to gain quality traffic.

“Your SEO is dead without Social Media” 

Your influencers are 99% of social media enthusiasts. You cannot build a connection without logging into your social media accounts. That is why you need to connect with people who are social media influencers that result in SEO strategies. That can be in the form of social media mentions, content collaborators, guest posts, etc.   

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Let’s get into how you can try using Influencer Marketing…

Social Proofing

What would happen when you are confused about which brand of car to buy? You don’t want to waste your money on just any car right? It’s a big investment. You don’t want to recur expenses on a low-quality car right? Where you always have to incur expenses on its maintenance.

Similarly, before buying anything branded, more expensive, you’ll try to take an expert opinion. An expert opinion serves as a support system to back on your ideas. 

Social Proofing is the action when people rely on your opinions to take corrective actions. Makes sense? It is that personal recommendation to a product or service that lends a weightage and quality over the product. 

Now social proofing can be in the form of testimonials, success stories, reviews. Especially, when a company involves a prominent influencer who’s respected in his field, like Neil Patel, the power of publicity showers on your company.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This is a controversial part in marketing. Negative word-of-mouth has ruined many businesses. Interestingly, negative publicity can be advantageous for you, if used strategically. Nevertheless, don’t ignore the fact that it can also be risky. 

Keeping that aside, your product or service will speak for itself when you serve your customers right. You can then safely ask for a review or ratings in your app. A five-star review gives an upward rise to your fan following. I myself look at the ratings of various restaurants when ordering food. 

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5 reasons to spice up things with SEO and Influencer Marketing

  • You are already into it – Content Investment

Take it this way. A blogger when he produces content, puts so much effort but all in vain. Why? Because he wasn’t following the SEO strategy.

A digital marketer will always set campaigns that fulfills his content marketing strategy, whether organic or paid. You won’t be committing any mistake once you have targeted eyeballs focusing on your content through SEO, PPC, or email marketing tactics. 

Adding influencer marketing will boost your brand’s awareness and tap the untapped places.

  • Carry the target audience in Influencers’ pockets

How in the world will a beginner get hold of any email lists without any experience. On that matter, even the age-old entrepreneurs. He can buy it of course, but what is the guarantee that they are authentic.

Well-known Influencers hold the keys to your target customers. They have an established reputation in the market. People trust him for his decision making capability. Brands must construct sturdy relationships with recognized influencers.

Here, you have got to earn their trust to be able to get the right entry to their followers. As soon as a brand has constructed an extended-term relationship with an Influencer who stocks a target market that individual can both be engaged to take part in a current advertising and marketing campaign or a novel one. 

  • Distribution of content

When you’re investing in content marketing, writing any kind of content without any focus on strategy and structure, you are just wasting your time and effort. It’s like eating half-cooked food when you can cook delicious sumptuous meals.

Considerate distribution and amplification — in all channels (e.g., social, e-mail, paid search, search engine optimization) is key. 

Try to allocate at least 25 percent of your budget and assets to content distribution. Because every other person in a social platform is your target market where you can sell your product or service. 

  • Acquire Long-tail Influencers by long-tail SEO keywords

When you go short, you attract only short term gains. Short tail keywords have a lower search volume and conversion rate.

Reflect on consideration on the long-tail search engine optimization, you’ve demonstrated generate seek consequences, traffic and conversions. Observe the identical good judgment and those identical keywords to an influencer database. You want to find the influencers who’re diligent and whose audience is intently being attentive to influencers and the precise lengthy-tail phrases they are using. Influencer advertising is constructed for addressing niches.

  • Observe your competition

Not observing your competition is being walking blindfolded when you have eyes. Observe your competition and look at what strategies they’re applying. Your major competition has or is likely considering Influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing will push your business to great extents when you consider seriously and look out for some unique influencers.