Binance is among the leading crypto exchange & wallet apps in app stores today. With over a million people who have downloaded the app, Binance has enjoyed a relatively high ranking in the App Store. In fact, Binance, by the time of this writing, is rated to be the #49 app in the Finance category.

While Binance has already accomplished things that other crypto exchanges & wallet apps haven’t achieved, there is still a way to maximize their app store visibility and therefore increase their chance of getting noticed.

After all, the biggest room is the room for improvement. No matter how great Binance might already be, they can still do something to reach the number 1 spot and not be overtaken by competitors.

In this ASO audit, let’s take a look at how Binance can improve its keyword ranking in the most efficient way possible.

We did quick keyword research for Binance. We have shared the details at the end of this post. 

Looking at the research result, we can see that we are already ranking for some important keywords. Nevertheless, we have identified some great opportunities for us to take advantage of.

In this situation, ASO intelligence tools come in handy. These tools are effective in identifying popular keywords with the lowest competition. For example, in ShyftUp, we use Mobile Action to perform reliable keyword research.

Among the results we get is the term Search Score. Here’s a quick overview:

  • The Search Score ranges from 5 to 100. The score represents the number of users who are searching for a specific keyword compared to other keyword options in the App Store and Google Play.

  • To give you an example, one of the keywords with the highest ranking is the keyword, “Facebook.” It has a search score of 100.

  • The lowest score is 5, which means no one is virtually searching for that keyword. Most keywords will never even see a score beyond 5.

Going back to the results that we got, here’s how Binance’s ranking looks like:

  • “Tether app” keyword has a search score of 51, which we rank at no. 21.

  • “Shiba inu” keyword has a search score of 34, which we rank at no. 38.

  • “Defi wallet” keyword has a search score of 33, which we rank at no. 47.

  • “Cryptocurrency” keyword has a search score of 33, which we rank at no. 25.

  • “Buy crypto” keyword has a search score of 25, which we rank at no. 20.

We also did research on competitor keywords. We got the following results:

  • “Coinbase wallet” keyword has a search score of 50, which we do not rank.

  • “Gemini” keyword has a search score of 48, which we do not rank.

  • “Okcoin” keyword has a search score of 30, which we rank at no. 37.

  • “BitWallet” keyword has a search score of 19, which we rank at no. 33.

The results show us that there is a lot of work to do. To ensure that we climb up the rankings, we should use these keywords in our metadata. 


The title of Binance in the App Store is this:

Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

Binance already has a strong title. Take note that the App Store allows us to use up to 30 characters for the title. As of now, Binance is using 29 characters which is great news! 

Looking at the search scores of the keywords included in the title, the search score of “Buy” is 32, “Bitcoin” is 55, “Crypto” is 54. As you can see, all the keywords have high search scores and we can conclude that Binance has a strong title.

To ensure we stay competitive, we must test the title and its keywords continuously. One way to improve the title is to go to the keyword pool. From there, we should continuously check how many keywords we are ranking for that are in the title. For instance, we could check the keyword “Crypto” in our keyword pool.

After starting to use the “Crypto” keyword, do we start ranking higher for these keywords? Do we start ranking for more keywords that include “Crypto”? If the keywords are not improving our ranking, then we should test other keywords and their variations.

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