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It’s been over two months since most countries went into a lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and while governments and people hold strong in the face of adversity, how much of an impact has COVID had on business worldwide? 

To answer this question we compiled a comprehensive data report, the Coronavirus Business Impact report — Download here, of app performances that touch more than 1.5Bn users worldwide of which about 1/5th, close to 300 Mn came from Europe. The data for the report is from the month of March.

Why should you read this report:

  • Consumer behaviour trends from 12 different industry verticals: Telecom, E-commerce, Edtech, BFSI, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Mobility, Travel/Hospitality, Social, Video chat apps, Real-Estate, and Food delivery apps. 
  • Know where your industry lies on the Covid19 Impact Quadrant.
  • Campaign stories of other brands who are engaging their customers and growing in times of pandemic.
  • Data-driven insights for marketers, decision-makers to withstand the storm, and push their businesses towards growth

The COVID-19 Impact Quadrant


Click the image to download the entire report.

The Impact Quadrant divides industry verticals in specific geographies into 4 major categories:


Industries that have seen huge demand both in terms of new user downloads and active users. Industries that fall under this quadrant are:

  • Video Chat apps (worldwide)
  • Online Shopping (North America & India)
  • Healthcare (North America, Europe, and Middle East)
  • Media and Entertainment (worldwide)
  • Social Media (Southeast Asia)
  • Real Estate (Middle-East Asia)


On the other hand, industries that have shown rise in active users but not considerable rise in downloads. Industries that fall under this quadrant are:

  • Social Media (North America, Europe, India, & Middle-East)
  • Online Shopping (Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle-East Asia)
  • Food Delivery (Southeast Asia, North America)


Meanwhile, industries that have seen decline in both active users and new app downloads. Industries that fall under this quadrant are:

  • Travel & Hospitality (worldwide)
  • Mobility (worldwide)
  • Real Estate (Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, India)
  • Food Delivery (Europe, India, Middle-East Asia)


Finally, industries that have shown promise with getting new users downloads but not active users. Industries that fall under this quadrant are:

  • Healthcare (Southeast Asia)

What should you do next?

  1. Download industry specific report based on DAU and downloads benchmarks here.
  2. Check out the video discussion between global industry leaders, as they discuss the impact of COVID on their businesses.
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