Hiya! This is actually my first Reddit post EVER. 🙂 I have been running Facebook ads since 2016 with only minimal issues. But the last three days, it’s making me want to tear my hair out! I loaded some ads on Thursday, September 10. After being “in review” forever, they went to “active” but then nothing was happening (no ad spend, no activity). On Friday, September 11, I noticed they got shut off, so I re-published them. This morning, they were shut off again.

I found this page that seemed to explain the glitch: https://status.fb.com/history (see screenshots below) But Facebook says the disruptions have now been resolved.

So just in case the original ads were corrupted, I deleted my campaigns today and started over. But the same thing keeps happening! I cannot figure out how to fix this, and I am already several days late launching this campaign for a project we’re working on. But it seems out of my control now. Anyone else experiencing madness with Facebook Ads Manager right now?

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