Earlier this week we saw more Google search ranking fluctuations and chatter. Google said by September 2020, all sites will be moved to mobile-first indexing, like it or not.

Google said the no follow attribute change is a policy change but nothing really happened yet with it in terms of indexing and crawling. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report – it is a good place to catch up.

Bing has a bug, impacting some sites with blocked indexing and/or sections of the site – this might be big, but hard to know. I posted more details around the Google 3D and AR based images, and how to express interest for inclusion.

Google says they do have ways to protect the knowledge panel from Wikipedia vandalism. Google FAQ schema guidelines were uploaded to allow one markup per question per site. 

Google said keep that security certificate live for the old site domain for at least a year. Google algorithms do not prefer Shopify sites.

Google isn’t going to index all your pages, stop asking.

Google gave pagination tips for blogs. Google posted a shorter video on how to hire an SEO.

Google My Business allows car dealerships to have multiple listings.

Google Local Service ads are now open to some personal injury lawyers. Google My Business will review photos and videos now.

Google My Business may show you a box in web search of your listings. Google Ads mobile app now has dark mode support and more optimisations recommendations. Google Ads improved the attribution reports.

Here is the YouTube version of the feed:

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