Have you ever wondered how people look for the apps they like on the App Store? If you are an app developer or marketer, you know the answer to this question is crucial to your app’s success.

After all, one of your main goals is for your app to get discovered by more users. To do this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential users. 

You must understand how they use search in the App Store and find their needed apps. Thankfully, that’s precisely what you will learn in this post.

The search feature of the App Store allows you to find the apps that you’re looking for with the use of search terms or keywords. By typing in specific phrases or words on the search tab, the App Store would go through its database and give you a list of the most relevant apps.

If you’re trying to figure out why you need to pay special attention to search, you need to know the following figures:

  • 70% of App Store users utilize search to find their app.

  • 65% of all downloads that happen in the App Store happen after using the search feature.

  • The average conversion rate for search results ads is more than 50%.

These are solid numbers released by Apple — numbers that you can’t ignore if you want to gain more users for your app.

With almost 2 million apps available in the App Store, it’s difficult to stay competitive. Aside from that, on average, smartphones have 80 apps. Thus, you must use every avenue possible to get noticed and that’s where search comes in.

How do users search for apps in the App Store?

Answer: branded search terms.

Yes, the most popular search queries in the App Store are branded terms.

According to a study conducted by John Koetsier of TUNE, almost 90 percent of all searches made in the App Store are terms about brands. This is the conclusion he got after studying the top 500 App Store keywords.

This tells us two things:

  • Popular apps get even more popular because of their brand

  • For lesser-known apps to excel, they need to do a lot of digital marketing

As you can imagine, the top keywords in the App Store are owned by big, well-funded, and powerful companies. These include Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, Photoshop, and other similar known brands.

Just to give you an idea, here’s what it looks like when we say that keywords are branded terms. Coming from the same study made by Koetsier, the following statistics show the dominance of brands in searches:

  • Top 500: 58.4%

  • Top 400: 60.75%

  • Top 300: 68.33%

  • Top 200: 80.5%

  • Top 100: 86%

  • Top 50: 90%

  • Top 25: 92%

  • Top 10: 100%

The trend is clear: as you go nearer to the top 10, more and more keywords are branded. In fact, according to the numbers above, the top 10 keywords are all branded!

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