Hello kind people of the internets,

I am trying to estimate the CAC for a gaming energy drink (similar to gfuel, but I want to sell in Spain) before fully commiting. So far I have:

  1. Built a prototype website, that says we're out of stock when you try to buy and records the intent
  2. Photoshoped a couple of ads
  3. Defined some narrow audiences (~30k people in Spain interested in gaming + drinks)
  4. Run the as for 4 days, spending ~60 EUR. CPM=2.2 EUR, CPC=0.3 EUR, CTR=0.7%, Freq=2.0

The maximum CAC the business can support is ~10 EUR, so for now I'm very far from the target.

Have I waited too little for results?

Are there quick improvements that I can make on the web/ads that will hopefully get some people to try to buy?

Is it just doomed and the best I can do is pull the plug?

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