You’ve got a lot on your plate but not enough time to do it all. So, what’s one of our priorities this year? Helping you be more efficient in your email workflow—whether you’re in the office or remote. (Who else is working from home right now?)

How you and your team work together may be in a changing state, and we’re changing with you.

Here are the newest updates to the Litmus platform so you can seamlessly create better emails, faster. And refocus your saved time on innovative ways to drive the best results instead.

Build emails even faster with Litmus Builder enhancements

Building an email can be inefficient and time-consuming, whether you’re coding from scratch or referencing a design system separate from your development tool. 22% of email marketers like you wish you could spend less time in this part of the email process. Consider your wish granted.

With the latest enhancements to Litmus Builder, it’s easier than ever to:

  • Create, collaborate on, and store reusable code modules (now with thumbnail previews!) in one place—and insert them directly into your email from Litmus Builder.
  • Select any element in Litmus Builder and the code editor will automatically navigate to that block of code, saving you from scrolling and squinting.
  • Drag and drop images into Litmus Builder, sift through thumbnails to find what you’re looking for, and insert them directly into your code.

Scaling email creation can be a breeze. No more scattered files or switching screens. And no more email errors or off-brand elements either.

Friendly heads-up: This one’s available in all Litmus plans.

See how your emails look in all iPhone 12 models and Apple Mail on macOS 11

Ensure your emails look great in the latest additions to the Email Previews testing suite—including the latest iOS fleet—in Litmus:

  • iPhone 12 email client previews (all models)
  • Apple Mail on macOS 11 (Big Sur) clients

Hint: Apple iPhone and Apple Mail are currently #1 and #3 respectively in email client market share.

Friendly heads-up: This one’s available in all Litmus plans.

Review and approve animated GIFs in Litmus Proof

The feedback process is by far the #1 thing email pros like you wish they could spend less time on according to our 2020 State of Email Workflows. We get it. With all the back-and-forth across multiple stakeholders, it can be a complicated time-suck that leaves you frustrated.

With Litmus Proof, you can centralize everyone’s comments and approvals on your HTML emails, static image files, and now animated GIFs, too.

proof animated GIFs with Litmus Proof

Animated GIFs are a great way to increase subscriber engagement, but they can fall flat if something goes wrong. Streamline your review process by adding your GIFs (and the emails they’ll be in) to Litmus Proof. You’ll be able to:

  • Share email GIFs for review in one click, and control who can and cannot access it.
  • Mark edits and suggestions directly on GIFs in one convenient place, and resolve changes easily with threaded comments.
  • View and manage multiple versions of GIFs with a record of comments from all versions.

Friendly heads-up: This one’s available in Litmus Enterprise plans only.

Use the power of Litmus in Pardot (and other tools you rely on)

Use Pardot to create emails? Litmus Extension now lets you test as you build within Pardot to save even more time in your email workflow. Jumping between tools is so passé.

With the Litmus + Pardot integration, you can:

  • Preview how your emails will look across different email clients as you build within Pardot.
  • Get a guided check of the critical elements that affect email performance—like links and load time—before you hit send.

Did you know? Litmus also integrates with SparkPost and other tools you rely on to send great email.

Friendly heads-up: Pardot integration available with Litmus Plus or Enterprise plans only.

Get up-to-speed on all things Litmus in no time

It can be challenging to learn a new tool when you’re already juggling a million other things. Not with Litmus. Catching on is quick and painless.

Recent navigation optimizations make it even easier for you—and anyone else no matter their role—to get the most out of Litmus. Swiftly and intuitively discover how Litmus can help you build, test, review, and analyze emails in one spot.

Friendly heads-up: This one’s available in all Litmus plans on the new Litmus platform.

Ready to dive in?

We’re always working up new ways to improve your email lives. And given that this year might be especially challenging, we hope our newest Litmus updates give you some relief. A more efficient workflow is in sight!


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