I’m hoping someone can answer a couple of newbie questions for me –

  1. Tell me if I’m wrong about this: There is a place, where I can place a PPC ad, and I will sell copies of the book I wrote. I don’t know where this place is, or how this ad should be made, but it exists somewhere. Correct? I’ve written a self help book for millennials about how to leave the rat race for good. I want to know if there is somewhere that I can place PPC ads, that will result in me making book sales. Plenty of book sales. Again I’m green as hell to this PPC thing, so any help here is greatly appreciated.

  2. Can you just buy say… $10 worth of clicks and have that be the end of it? Until you’re ready to spend more money, that is. Or do you have to buy expensive packages and memberships? Again, please forgive my newb ignorance.

  3. Where would you start with PPC, if you wanted to sell copies of your self help book for millennials?

Thanks for any replies, I couldn’t even begin to know where to start. So I figured I’d just ask here and see what happens. I’m still feeling pretty overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated by the whole internet marketing thing and PPC in general.

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