How can you optimize your mobile app? That’s one of the biggest questions many app developers have in their minds right now. 

After all, it’s not enough to simply create an app. With millions of mobile games today, you need to know how to stand out, get noticed, and be on top of the list. If not, then you will surely just be a drop in the sea of mobile apps.

So, if you want to know how to optimize your mobile game and get more users and downloads, then you need to continue reading this post.

Generally speaking, App Store Optimization (ASO) for games works in the same way as the ASO for other types of mobile apps. The huge difference is that you need to consider how major app stores today categorize games.

The same is true in the Apple App Store. Before the release of iOS 11, you can see three main tabs: Categories, Features, and Top Charts. Now, these tabs include Today, Games, and Apps.

Thus, you would need special planning for game ASO campaigns to ensure you maximize your exposure in app stores.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving your app’s visibility in app stores. By choosing the right visuals, texts, and keywords, you try to help app stores to include you in search and browsing results.

So, why is ASO important for the success of your mobile games? 

According to a study conducted by research firm Forrester, 63% of people found their needed app through app store searches.

So, when people search for an app, you better be there because if you don’t appear on search results, there’s a good chance you’ll never get noticed by potential users.

Imagine, there are about 478,000 games in the Google Play Store and 984,000 games in the App Store. Not only that, but if you’re going to include other mobile apps, then you’re up against millions of competitors.

That’s the main reason you need to perform App Store Optimization to stand out of the crowd.

When it comes to ASO, the title of your game plays a major role in your visibility. For one, all app stores, including Apple App Store and Google Play Store, index your app based on your title. Aside from that, your title should instantly tell your potential users what your app is all about.

Remember, people nowadays have a short attention span. They want immediate results. They look for a specific app and they want it fast. 

As soon as they find their needed app, they will leave immediately. So, you don’t have the luxury of time to explain to your users how your app can help. 

The strategy is to grab people’s attention in the first few seconds and lead them to your app store listing to educate them about your app. This means that your app title plays a vital role.

Here are the best tips to remember when choosing a game app title for ASO:

  • The title should be easy to remember and understand.

  • The title efficiently describes what the app is all about.

  • The title maximizes the character limit (30 for App Store and 30 for Play Store)

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