I am being asked to start to dial back PPC spend owing to our factory being at maximum capacity. What is the best way to preserve QS and performance from any google AI driven campaigns, so that when we are back up to full speed there’s no detrimental (or limited) effect from any of the measures taken?

At the moment I am in a lucky position as our budgets are not set in stone and as long as i am meeting the set KPI’s, I can spend as much as i like. However, what this does mean is each campaign has been structured accordingly.

I have thought about:

  • limiting exposure of the campaigns by installing strict Ad Schedules e.g. setting limits of -100% to ensure campaigns only show for (at most) 25% of the day.

  • drastically reducing budgets by 60%-70%

  • pausing larger campaigns

I would like to try and understand the Pros-Cons of each of the above and what my best option(s) would be. I have had experience of pausing larger campaigns in the past and noticed poorer performance after re-enabling these. Whether this was just the market performance at the time (when re-enabled) or this was in part due to pausing of said campaigns i don’t know.

Any advice on the above will be warmly received!!

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