Has anyone heard of using 1 Facebook Pixel across multiple websites to ‘make the pixel smarter’ than having separate FB Pixels for separate websites and properties?

I’m now in the process of working with a vendor that specializes in only running Facebook Ads for a particular industry. They claim that because the kinds of clients they service are pretty uniform – pretty exclusively lead gen by way of form fill or phone call on a lander – the kinds of prospects and audiences are also very similar. Because of the high degree of similarity, by placing their own FB Pixel on each clients’ web properties it’s creating 1 very, very ‘intelligent’ FB Pixel for this particular industry from which lookalike audiences can be better matched and just have ‘more data’ and more cookied users.

I’ve also heard it was a form of control for the vendor to impart on the client. With this sort of angle, my guess is that the client would be more reticent to leave this vendor for fear of losing out on ‘all this extra data’ from this ‘super smart pixel’.

It sounds like a suspicious claim to make. For any Facebook Ad projects I’ve managed I’ve always advised to have separate pixels, not just for each client, but if a client had separate business units and wanted to support business units separately, use separate pixels.

Has anyone else heard of such a thing with the Facebook Pixel?

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