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Today, I’m eager to share my conversation with the CEO of a markets analytics platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence.

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Jan Szilagyi is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Toggle AI

Jan Szilagyi is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Toggle AI

Jan Szilagyi is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Toggle AI.Toggle AI

Jan Szilagyi is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Toggle AI. This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity. 

Phil Rosen: Tell me, with all this hype around artificial intelligence this year, how’s business?  

Jan Szilagyi: We’ve seen a big increase in business and a huge spike in inquiries to Toggle AI. I would say we’ve seen a dramatic, three- to four-fold increase.

What do you make of the recent boom in AI interest among investors? A handful of obscure companies have made triple-digit gains in 2023.

JS: It’s quite unlikely that we’ve even tested the technology fully, or that people have been able to extrapolate anything because there’s so little to hang your hat on.

I do think a lot is going to happen, but right now you’re seeing people basically buying into the sector broadly, without understanding the full implications and that not all AI is created equal.

Ultimately, I don’t think AI is going to be a fad though. I think it’s going to be something that becomes table stakes.

How would you recommend investing in the AI trend? 

JS: I think we have not yet seen any meaningful implementation of this latest technology in applications that people would use. The only ones that are currently seeing the benefit of the technology are the owners of the infrastructure, like Microsoft.

If you want to invest in AI, the best potential is in the infrastructure companies — Microsoft, Google, Amazon.

If you think that there is going to be greater usage of a host of tools and versions of ChatGPT, then these are the companies that will see the biggest spikes, at least in public markets.

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3. No one seems to care that a key recession indicator is blaring louder than it has in decades. Investors are still piling into the market and ignoring the New York Fed’s Recession Probabilities model, DataTrek cofounder Nicholas Colas wrote. The model shows there’s a 57% chance of a recession in the next 12 months — and it has a perfect track record whenever that figure breaches the 50% mark.

4. “Big Short” investor Michael Burry built new stakes in Alibaba and JD.com over the last quarter. He swapped out all but two of the holdings in his US stock portfolio, according to a Tuesday SEC filing. His firm, Scion Asset Management, also snapped up 100,000 shares of MGM.

5. An ex-Gazprom official said decades of the Russian gas giant’s work has been “flushed down the toilet.” The warring nation’s natural gas exports have been hampered by the impact of the Ukraine war and sanctions. This year, Moscow’s export revenues are expected to be cut in half.

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