For many companies, email is their tried-and-true everyday customer communications channel. With more global accessibility than any other medium, it makes sense to use email as your default communications platform. However, there are other options that can help your business better meet your customers in real-time. Adding Twilio’s SMS API to your existing email program can help your communications reach customers wherever they are.

Please allow us to re-introduce our guide to all things SMS and Email, Using SMS and Email to Engage Customers in 2020 !

Our guide to integrating these two powerful channels is back, and has been updated to include best practice tips, new use cases, and trends in the industry to help you leverage SMS. 

SMS, or Short Message Service, provides your communications strategy with another crucial channel through which customers can be reached. SMS provides senders the unique opportunity to send real-time communications, including alerts, updates, reminders, notifications, confirmations, and ETAs. By building complementary SMS and email programs into your communications strategy, you can engage more effectively (and in a timely manner!) with your customers.

This year’s guide covers everything you need to know about SMS, including information about:

  • How to use SMS as a marketing tool
  • When to send an email or SMS, and how they complement each other 
  • How our customers successfully integrated SMS into their communications strategies

Check out Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers in 2020 today to start engaging with your customers in real-time.

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