For one of our clients we’re using referral exclusion lists to prevent transactions being attributed to paypal and other payment gateways.

However, now transactions seem to be attributed to direct traffic as a result. This way we still can not analyse our campaign performance properly.

The traffic is properly UTM-tagged and shows up as Paid Search and/or Social initially.

Looking at the landing pages from “direct” users, I see a lot of the following pages: /checkout/processing?client_secret=src_client_secret_CHgCds0WnS4B4FAIpfkqJrOa&livemode=true&order_transaction_id=3323443642526&redirect_status=succeeded&source=src_1HNNRaFEcPAbTznI16q3JkYS

I think the problem occurs because of the source parameter. Anyone have any ideas how to prevent this?

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