This the guide on leveraging your email list and create a passive source of Income. Here you will learn the ways to make money either from your or someone else’s email list.

In short, if you are in Digital Marketing you will love this guide.

If you’ve heard of the phrase – “ The money is in the list “, well they couldn’t have been more right about it. 

But what does it mean?

The money is in the list – Meaning if you own your list, then you can turn it into a virtual credit card. An email list is the only thing you can own online. Even YouTube Subscribers are not a real asset you can own. Because there are one too many communications as email in one to one communications. Meaning you can personalize every conversation, and people are more likely to buy when you use their names and for friendly conversations. 

With that said, when it comes to which product to choose to sell it your list, it all depends on the context of their subscriptions to your list ( Example – Neil Patel’s email list consists of people who are interested in the niche of Digital Marketing and content marketing ). So if your audience consists of people who are inclined towards Health care then choose a product related to Health, Fitness, Food, etc. By doing this your Audience will be more inclined towards buying it.

But you may say ‘Chap !, I Don’t have any product or a service to offer ‘, the product you sell doesn’t have your own product. You can sell someone else’s product, that’s right you can sell other products or services and get a piece of the action, this is called Affiliate marketing. But you will learn about it in-depth in the coming chapters.

But where can you find it?. There are many sites like Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Viglink and more

But you may ask me :

How do I get people’s emails?

Where do I find people who will give out their emails?

  Why would a person give his email?

You can collect and build your own email list with the help of a Landing page, Newsletter, Lead magnet, special reports, secret course, etc. But the thumb rule here is people don’t give their email in return for something.

” There is no Something for Nothing ” – You must offer some value in return for their emails

As the great self-help author Earl Nightingale once said :

“Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service “

Without any offer, people don’t like to be bombarded with tons of emails in their inbox. Likewise, the military leader and French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, once said: ” Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self-interest.”

But what if you don’t have a landing page, Newsletter or an ebook. Then you use someone else’s list and make revenue out of it. The way is leveraging other people email lists in the following ways :

You can have other people who have a good influence and list can advertise your product in exchange for a small fee. ( somewhere like 0.4$ per email ). Make sure you use Niche relevant list.

1) Udimi

2) Safe-swaps

But although it may seem counter-intuitive, the best way to make the most money out those lists is to build your list. It’s simple if you want to advertise some affiliate products on the above sites, you have to offer some share to the owner of these lists. Remember ” Something for something” 

That’s one way, but if you prefer to leverage only on selected few Influencers or well-established online marketer, then it requires you to outreach to a selected group of people. But it will be hard to find those classes of influencer, Outreach them and get them to accept your proposal.

So, you can find all these influencers and other email marketers on-site like Ninja Outreach 

Now you have a list and you’re ready to sell some product or service. But you need a Landing page, you can do that by creating a Landing page and offer some lead magnet or any other product or service as an Ethical bribe in exchange for their email. 

Use Landing page builders like :


 I would personally suggest Get response because you can upsell and downsell once you’ve collected their email, without spending extra on traffic.

After building a Landing page, which takes just 30 minutes with drag and drops templates, automate all the emails you get using Mail Automator with LeadPages( Recommended earlier ) or Get response which takes your time away and sends customized emails to your list.’


Now you have a landing page ready and integrated Mail Automator. Now you need to write a great copy understanding your list. If you still want to automate your list building from A to Z

 Then outsource all the heavy lifting like Copywriting, finding the email list and finding the right product to a FREELANCER on Fiverr.


Heck, you can make thousands of dollars without lifting a finger.

Your income will grow exponentially in email marketing. ( as you can see in the graph )

If you just follow the exact steps which I mentioned you can literally turn your email list into a Credit card, just by spending 10 minutes writing and designing an email. Once every week , write an email and send it to your audience and you can buy yourself a car, house or a hooker! , just kidding. 


But at some point you will be annoyed by all the notifications you get on a daily basis for Sales you make, sounds fake heh. Well you have to believe it first then it will come to reality.


It was Conor Mcgregor who once said -” My success is not because of my arrogance , it’s because of my belief “

But in 2020, the open rate of any email has reduced to 3-5%, this because of the spam mails sent out by people who want to make quick money. Despite the GDPR policy, many people are still misusing email marketing and creating negative impressions on people.


So e-mail marketing is still a feasible tool, buy nowadays the trends in moving towards automated messenger like :

Many chats ( They offer 60 days free trial )